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The Realest Aliens (March 2015)

In this month's "The Littlest Aliens," you read about the hunt for tiny life in outer space. Where do you think the first aliens will be discovered? Do you think we will ever discover non-microscopic aliens, like the ones in movies? Share your theories!

Hey! Who are you calling microscopic?! I have a huge army of hideous alien monsters at my beck and call and I've got half a mind to send several Nydus Worms into your base. They will explode out from the ground and spew my armies from their jaws, and aforementioned armies will TEAR YOU ALL APA-- wait, what's that? Oh Kokopelli, you were standing there listening the whole time.

[Stops flying pie with telekinesis]

Really, I should have sensed your presense.


submitted by Sarah Kerrigan aka Queen of Blades, alien Queen , age Who cares, The royal leviathan, Char
(March 1, 2015 - 4:53 pm)