April 2011


This issue is fun, we swear. There will be no grading, no pop quizzes, and if you stay up late reading it under your covers with a flashlight, we promise not to tell. Instead, you can expect to read about the neuroscience behind magic tricks (including one invisible gorilla), albino trees, and the way shiny, sparkly gold can make us look, well, not so bright. Even the hardest of biology-hating hearts will be softened by our article about saving ugly animals, such as the "human fish." (Ick.)

This month's Muserologist is a shining star of the stage, and you can read all about her exploits here, too. What makes you famous (or infamous)? Koko needs inspiration for his upcoming talent show. 

We're not ones to exaggerate, but the winners of our November/December Make Your Own Muse Cover contest are truly beautiful. And we expect lots of lovely, shiny entries from YOU for our newest contest, From Sandwiches to Sculpture. Ooh, sparkly...

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